June 24th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Had found a page with Thewlis' poetry on it before POA was out, giggled and forgot about it. Was reminded yesterday. hallucinateme, this is for you and your bunnies.

LJ last night and this morning is a perfect example of why I hate cut tags and would rather skim past the most boring 1000-word account of someone's crush on the milkman or four-paragraph rant about polyester than risk clicking on a tag, unless I truly believe that the meaning of life is behind it. I can load my Friends page fine, images and all. But every time I navigate away to look behind a cut tag, it takes about two full minutes for the page to load and another two full minutes to get back to my Friends page. Hence, after the first few entries, I stopped trying. If the most important thing in your life in the past 24 hours was written up behind a tag, I didn't see it. Sorry.

chrismm (who said, "I get that a real, honest-to-god, "cult of niceness" is oppressive, but...some days there's not enough niceness around here to even have a teeny congregation, much less a cult" which is great even if I don't think a cult of niceness is oppressive in the first place, let alone that one exists) linked me to idyll' "Let The Badfic Live". Exactly. mandc100 is about anger this week and while I want to write something for it, I don't want to think about anger, so nothing's coming. I wonder if the HP songfic challenge is still going.

My goal for today is to have a better day than yesterday. This should not be all that difficult, so long as I don't read the news, take the children someplace where they can't possibly destroy anything, evade infuriating relatives and get the laundry folded. Tomorrow is my younger son's birthday party (at the laser tag place where I swore they were never attending parties, let alone hosting them, a couple of years ago) and I have to work on stuff for that.