June 30th, 2004

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Poem for Wednesday

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Snicked with the greatest of glee from fileg: Dog Toy Or Marital Aid? I did very well on the first round, but very poorly on the difficult round, and am not allowed to play with the quizzer's dog. In my own defense, I have not had a dog in years, so I don't immediately recognize the packaging on those newfangled dog toys. Also, I am very creative with household objects and I've been writing Remus/Sirius fic so just about anything looks like it could be used for Er, go see, it's very amusing.

My point in bitching about LJ yesterday was not to bitch at the people who run LJ, who do a pretty good job most of the time and appear to take that job quite seriously, nor at the majority of people who use LJ...my point was to say that I'm very sorry if you've left me a comment and I never responded, which I try to do eventually with everything longer than "Cool!" or whatever, and if you said anything important that I might never have seen in an older post while comments weren't being delivered, I do hope you will post it again! (Consider this post a free-for-all; comment on anything I've said within the past several months here!)

I really do feel compelled to reiterate, however, that I am tired of people lecturing me on why it is annoying of me not to use a cut tag for anything longer than a single sentence, whereas I find it annoying when people use a cut tag for anything shorter than a 500-word fic. I can load my friends page and scroll through it far more quickly than I can get individual pages to load, even on good LJ days. I would be happy to agree to disagree -- to keep doing things my way and not say anything when other people do things their way -- but apparently those who believe that I should be cutting even this paragraph behind a cryptic "Whining" label feel that it's fine to leave me angry comments about it; at the same time, it is apparently NOT fine if I need to explain to someone, "I really wanted to reply to what you had to say, but I couldn't get your page to load forever and then didn't have time to wait around for my own comment to post, so I must say I wish you hadn't cut something that was only two non-spoiler sentences in the first place."

Today apaulled and I have a meeting with our son's orthodontist to talk about the lengthy and expensive teeth-straightening in store for all of us. His front teeth cross like they're being braided, and on the x-rays you can see that the incisors are coming in sideways. I feel so sorry for the little guy.

Thanks so much for the England recs -- please keep them coming if you have more!
little review

Shameless Political Agenda

We interrupt your day in an effort to stop the Bush administration's assault on women.

On July 6, U.S. senators will vote on the federal district court nomination of J. Leon Holmes, a passionate opponent of women's equality and women's rights. Holmes co-wrote an article stating that "the wife is to subordinate herself to her husband" and that "to the extent we adopt the feminist principle that the distinction between the sexes is of no consequence...we are contributing to the culture of death." Whether or not one accepts this particular excerpt from one translation of the Bible as the ultimate authority on gender relations, this blending of religious and secular politics in someone nominated to a position requiring that he uphold the separation of church and state is quite disturbing.

Holmes has also insisted that there should be no exemptions for rape in the absolute ban that he favors on the termination of pregnancy, because "conceptions from rape occur with approximately the same frequency as snowfall in Miami." (MSNBC cites a figure of 25,000 women becoming pregnant in the U.S. after rape each year; lest anyone should believe this to be a politically biased number, click here for a BBC study which disproves the notion that women do not become pregnant after rape, or here for an Australian site on the topic.) No matter how you feel about a woman's right to choose, it should be disturbing that a judge would use an outright falsehood to argue a legal point.

Several Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have refused to endorse Holmes' confirmation. Please consider e-mailing your senators asking them to vote against the confirmation of Holmes. People For the American Way has a one-click page to help you do so quickly and easily. Collapse )