July 3rd, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Am grouchy. Had a really good day yesterday till about 8 p.m., at which point I should have turned off my brain and watched something mindless on TV, but I didn't and now I am thoroughly unpleasant.

Also am in the mood for never being around angry people again, nor people whose response to favors is to expect more favors, nor people who offer gifts and take them back. Am stunned, though not really surprised, that people go out of their way to read silly customer reviews of books they like, so they can slam the silly reviewers for slamming them. Am amused in an eye-rolling sort of way that it's turning out that all the people who pimped nocturne_alley to me as the greatest writing since A Tale of Two Cities were writing anonymously for it.

Am tired of Friends not from the U.S. ranting about "Americans" as if we personally approved and personally could prevent everything our government does. Did no one outside the U.S. notice that our last presidential election was hijacked by our own Supreme Court, and that many of us have been working tirelessly to do something about the internal corruption and our inability to make our voices heard to this administration?

Perhaps I should not have stayed up with my husband until the end of the longest game in Orioles history, when they finally beat the Phillies, 7-6, in the 16th inning, yay Miguel Tejada. Perhaps, had I watched some Hornblower and gone to bed at 11, I would be cheerful and spunky now.

The fact that it is going to be 100 degrees and the air is code red is, I am sure, not helping anything. We are going to Baltimore for the Sailabration and I am greatly looking forward to seeing the tall ships. I am not looking forward to being out in the sun and the heat and the crowds.

ashinae via perfect_duet led me to this M&C fan art of Jack and Stephen and the debauched sloth. Bwaah! *loves Jack* For anyone waiting for HP fic, I have the beginning and end of the fourth part of "Tea and Chocolate" written and am fighting with the middle. Will be in Pennsylvania attempting to chill out for the Fourth and will try to write there.