July 8th, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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I suppose that johnxjohn was inevitable. They don't quite ring my bells the way Clinton/Gore did (I mean, the Kirk/Spock parallels were so obvious there) but it is good to see Kerry smiling so much. </perversion>

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in:
1. writing score: 57
2. reading score: 40
3. mythology score: 40
4. music score: 39
5. art score: 37
6. poetry score: 36
7. photography score: 34
8. movies score: 30
9. fantasy score: 27
10. books score: 26
11. hiking score: 24
12. sex score: 23
13. paganism score: 22
14. anime score: 21
15. coffee score: 21
16. history score: 21
17. philosophy score: 19
18. witchcraft score: 19
19. camping score: 19
20. psychology score: 18

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Interesting how many of these are interests implied by the interests I do list, being broader versions of things I have down already. I've tried not to put anything so general as "poetry" or "writing" on my list as I figured those would be obvious to everyone, but to put more eclectic things, in the hope of finding others interested in those. I have not, however, put on the really eclectic things that no one else on LJ shares, because no one is going to find those as common interests. Perhaps I should, so if other people put them down they won't take them off based on the same feeling of being alone.

Think it's true that New Line is going to release the ROTK EE in the theaters before the DVD? I wonder whether I will go. My kids will want to go. I certainly will not go on opening day -- will want a full spoiler report before I buy a ticket, so I know whether it would be the happiest $10 I ever spend or the most wasteful.

Am mostly recovered from stomach flu, though still taking it easy. And I'm seeing psu_jedi today for the first time in neither of us can even remember how long, so am very happy about that!
little review

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...confirmed J. Leon Holmes' appointment to a federal court. For life. The only bright spot on the news was that John Warner of Virginia broke ranks with his party and voted against confirmation. But I'm still staying on my side of the Potomac, unless I feel it necessary to flee across the Atlantic.

GIP to make myself feel better. In various ways. Heh. Also, ashinae and I are silly. And I have confirmed that psu_jedi lives and breathes! And pervs, too! More later, must go work misery out of my system.