July 12th, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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Orthodontist this morning. Hopefully finishing up editing Lupin/Snape 6 this afternoon. Right now it's 98% angst-free PWP with mostly happy!Snape. Will you all forgive us if we promise that part seven has plenty of angst? Am meeting my mother with the kids for lunch and she is taking them to Shrek 2 again. Also, since the orthodontist is in the mall, maybe I will look at Hornblower books.

My SCA clothing style, if I was currently involved with SCA:

You Are Middle Eastern!
You Are Middle Eastern! You shun European clothing
and customs as marks of the Infidels. Either
that, or you live in the West Kingdom and it's
more of a necessity to cope with the summer
heat than it is anything else... Still,
there's lots of cool stuff about the various
cultures of the Middle East during the scope of
the SCA that attracts you to this persona.
From the music, to dance, to the food, you've
got it all!
What Is Your SCA Clothing Style?
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