July 14th, 2004

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Notes on 'Treason's Harbour'

Sequel to this post about my favorite moments from The Ionian Mission: Collapse )

The quotes in which Stephen reflects Jack's opinion of Homer had me in hysterics. "Admittedly Ulysses had no chronometer, and probably no sextant neither; but with no more than a log, lead and lookout an officer-like commander would have found a way home from Troy a d____d sight quicker than that. Hanging about in port and philandering, that was what it amounted to...and as for that tale of all his foremast hands being turned into swine, so that he could not win his anchor or make sail, why, he might tell that to the Marines."
little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Happy Bastille Day to anyone who is celebrating.

From hms_surprise via boxer_ferret (welcome back!), I hope it's true that there may be Patrick O'Brian comic books!

beckyo, all these years we've known each other and I had no idea!

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I was going to have lunch with vertigo66 and her kids but neither of us have our crap together so we are going to do it tomorrow instead. Today I am taking the kids to California Tortilla, where there are free chips and queso for friends of cows. *g* Back shortly to work on tedious articles, then later the kids have yet another laser tag party!