July 15th, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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Poem today for starfishchick -- thanks so much for the book, sweetie! *smooch*

Must go write about Enterprise Emmy Award nods (special effects, music, makeup). Was far more excited to see that Alan Rickman got nominated for Something the Lord Made. (ETA: And Louise Fletcher and Glenn Close and Anjelica Huston, for series guest actress and miniseries actress and supporting actress -- and there are William Shatner and Martin Landau in the same category, guest actor on a series, oh, who to root for! Eek! And Elijah Wood's episode of SNL up in the variety category -- interesting.)

Thanks very much for all the kind words and reminders yesterday. I'm at that point with a fic where it's taking up way too much time and energy, and whenever that starts happening I think about all the reasons I should stop jumping around fandoms and finish something that's completely mine. But I was doing really well on the whole fandom thing, then this morning I got two different reminders about why I ran, screaming, from LOTR fandom and have never really been able to look back, not only at the fandom but even at the films in the same way. Reason number one was the Willamette Weekly article on the Bit of Earth insanity, which never touched me and only barely touched anyone I know personally but reminded me of things that happened in Trek fandom while I was there. The other was a closer encounter than I ever wanted to have again with the one person who ever personally freaked the fuck out of me in LOTR fandom, and apparently LOTR isn't even the only fandom where she freaked people the fuck out. It's kind of weird now not to want to watch a television show on the outside chance that I might like it enough to become a fan, and then run into someone I don't want to see.

Naturally I am thrilled that the Senate ditched Bush's amendment, even though I suspect the reasoning in many cases had much less to do with civil rights than with protecting their states' rights from federal interference (not a good thing if Roe v. Wade gets overturned). My mother may or may not be taking my kids miniature golfing today. Meanwhile I must find out what vertigo66 and I are doing about lunch!