July 17th, 2004

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Poem for Saturday

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I am pretty sure I posted a different translation of this poem at one point, but I was looking for something for esteven that reminded me of Aubrey/Maturin, and I haven't looked back at this since O'Brian's characters started writing themselves over the things that I read, and it just seemed entirely too perfect. (Also, Erica Jong's objections to the image of woman as cupbearer/vessel get erased when one reads it as a potentially gay love poem, no?)

Nicholas Kristof in this morning's New York Times, "Jesus and Jihad": Collapse )

fannish5: Regardless of who was nominated,
1. Who should receive an Emmy for best actor?

Alan Rickman. Who was nominated. Not that Something the Lord Made was his very best work, but since these things are all political and given for lifetime achievement as much as any given performance, he might as well win for this.
2. Who should receive an Emmy for best actress?
Anjelica Huston, who should receive any award for which she is nominated to compensate for her being robbed of the Best Actress Academy Award for The Grifters. (I could say the same about Glenn Close and Dangerous Liaisons, but she already has an Emmy. Since Louise Fletcher has a Best Actress Oscar I will root for her to win her category but not wail and keen should she not win.)
3. What should receive an Emmy for best drama series?
I wouldn't know. I don't watch any of the current nominees.
4. What should receive an Emmy for best comedy series?
Shouldn't The Simpsons always win this category?
5. What should receive an Emmy for best movie/mini-series?
Am rooting for Horatio Hornblower in the miniseries and movies categories, though I haven't yet seen the final two telefilms which are nominated this year. If Something the Lord Made wins here, it is fine with me. Just so long as the remake of The Lion In Winter doesn't win.

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Debating whether to go to Huntley Meadows, Great Falls or Sugarloaf Mountain -- the latter will depend on whether Butler's Orchard still has blueberries to pick!