July 18th, 2004

little review

Poem for Sunday

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From this morning's New York Times op-ed pages: Collapse )

boxer_ferret, who obviously believes in leading people astray, pointed out that the San Diego Maritime Museum has an online HMS Surprise collection from their store. *looks around innocently and waits for keychain to arrive*

Today depends entirely on the weather. We might take the kids to I, Robot if it continues rainy. Or we might go hiking again somewhere (Sugarloaf, as I failed to report last night, was hot and humid but very, very pretty, as it has been a damp summer and the leaves, where cicadas did not destroy them, are gorgeous glossy green).

Tomorrow the kids start two weeks of sports camp so they probably don't need the exercise as badly as I do. My younger son is really sick of yogurt, ravioli and soft foods; I hope he gets used to the braces quickly.