July 21st, 2004

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Teeth and Stuff

Dear LiveJournal, Why do you always pick days when I've posted fic to be constipated? If I hadn't had to watch my three favorite scenes in Chamber of Secrets earlier today for, ah, research purposes while sorting clothes, I would be cranky.

Son's birthday had up-and-down moments. He came home from camp miserable because he had lost his water bottle; neither Baskin Robbins nor the purchase of a new water bottle improved his mood. It turned out that the wire from his braces had come loose and was stabbing him inside the cheek, though he didn't tell me this till we were on our way to dinner. I called the orthodontist, was told to cut the wire and bring him in very very early Thursday morning to get it repaired. I wonder how many dozen times this will happen before his teeth are straight.

He did get to kiss the moose at Bugaboo Creek, and our server gave us all free desserts because so many things on our order got screwed up, from my son's lemonade to my side dishes to the food not being ready at the same time, so it was a wildly uneven but not very expensive dinner. And he was quite happy with his presents, which included a crystal growing kit, a rock polisher and the POA Game Boy game which apparently has some module you can load from the GameCube game, which we had already as a reward for putting up with the braces on the day he got them.

Tonight I watched the PBS miniseries on Napoleon. It was very well done and quite informative, though why they bothered to try to make me feel sorry for the poor exiled ex-ruler of Europe, I don't know. And they didn't say what happened to his son, whom I seem to recall died fairly young -- no one ever tried to make an emperor of him? Also, how is it that I never knew Napoleon had said, "If Alexander were a woman, I would make him my mistress"? They had an old graphic on the series of the emperor and the tsar kissing! I don't feel so bad about slashing Bush and Blair any more...
little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I want an entire wardrobe that works like the hat in this poem. And damned comfortable to wit.

I had a dream about Jason Isaacs last night except he looked just like Lucius Malfoy and was wearing Lucius' clothes (that hat from the Quidditch match guuuh), but he had a great sense of humor and was a really nice guy. We were sitting at these outdoor tables outside the aquarium in Seattle, by the water -- a place I last visited with my children and in-laws last summer -- though it was far chillier than it has ever been when I've been in Seattle, there was a strong breeze coming off the water, his long blonde hair was blowing around, and we were talking about the Mariners. I would blame the entire dream on ashinae but I can't see how she could be responsible for a conversation about baseball, let alone for me dreaming that I was in Seattle.

Today I have a crapload of chores and work to do, wonderfully broken up by lunch with gblvr and her entourage. Must find something to wear. *giggling*