July 22nd, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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It's barely after 11 and I have already very much had One Of Those Days. Had to get up very early to take my son to a pre-camp orthodontist appointment, but that didn't work out because they didn't get him back till after nine, one of his brackets had come loose as well as the fraying wire, everything had to be glued back in, he can only have soup and stuff today so he's home from camp bored and I can't even deal with the explosion of Trek news. Moreover I had to wake up writing an obituary, which is never a fun way to start the day, and this one was for composer Jerry Goldsmith which makes me sad. Since said son is home and unable to eat, I can't meet beeej for lunch, nor work on much else; we are going to go grow crystals when he is done beating this round of Whomping Willow in the POA video game.

I did stop in Borders and buy him Tucker's Countryside, the sequel to The Cricket In Times Square, as consolation -- I wish he wanted me to read to him because I haven't read that in forever and it would be fun, but he wants to read himself (GameCube he wants to play with me, god help me). My house is an utter disaster area, and I have come to the conclusion that I must personally clean any area that I want to be able to walk through, including all my husband's shit in the basement and on the dining room table (well, not to be able to walk through but to wade through) and both kids' rooms -- won't they be surprised when they all come home one day and discover that I have given away all their shit to charity as I keep threatening. Anyone know of any charitable organizations that will help pack it up as well as drive it off? (Don't tell me the Salvation Army if they do; I won't give them anything but a note telling them where they can shove their anti-Semitic, homophobic attitudes.)

As you can tell, I am in a perfectly lovely mood. *g* I did have a very nice lunch yesterday with gblvr, lanning and barbana, who probably think I am nuts but then what's a few screws loose among fans, but I think I ate something that disagreed with me because my stomach has been off ever since and I slept terribly. Also I couldn't get into the Trek Nation database for awhile yesterday and never got my Nimoy article posted and now I think my editor, who showed up out of the blue and actually wrote articles, is pissed off. The general weight of disapprobation around me is very wearing. And have you ever noticed that the very people who regularly use you as a sounding board when they are pissed off disappear when you are in a venting mood?

Oh, and to get more disapprobation, a fic warning: I need to post a bit of Lucius/Severus backstory before I can work on the next bit of Snape/Lupin, because there is an item involved in both that makes no sense unless the history is there. Fortunately this bit is very nearly finished as-is, and largely gratuitous, but it ain't getting done today.

I might as well collect all the quiz spam of recent days and post it. From eiluned, but I used my middle name because I like the result so much better:

What is Your Celtic Name? by ladyxiu
First Name:
Name and Meaning:EDANA, ENA: passionate
Quiz created with MemeGen!

From mos_self:

Smallville Your partner is..... by Kerr_behr
Your partner is
Where you metrummaging through bins
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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little review


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It's been a really long day, though not much has happened since I last posted...I did some work, tried to keep my son entertained (he had a friend over for a couple of hours in the afternoon before his violin lesson), made soup, reorganized my bookshelves and put all my Star Trek comic books away in boxes. Am not going to admit that this is so I have room for the Hornblower books when I get them. I have, like, ten packages that have to go to the post office for mailing overseas, and I still have not managed to drag myself there and deal with the lines.

And my house is still a total disaster. And I know I owe a billion comments -- tomorrow, hopefully, sorry I suck. Collapse )