July 24th, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Poem for esteven -- I got your package, sweetie, thank you so much! I still have a pile of stuff sitting here for you from Washington and from the alternate-spelling Hanover and have not made it to the post office...I feel terrible! The photos are magnificent...I love looking at the old architecture, and is the sky always so blue there? *g* I think you will also appreciate the drawing below, sent by my marvelous and talented friend Kim:

Captain Jack Aubrey by Kim S. Schultz

Must go get organized and work so I can go to gblvr and barbana's party later! My mother is supposed to watch my kids but she has plans for tonight so we are pressed for time in the middle. And my stomach is still not quite right. I am sure I would be a much more pleasant person if whatever is up with it would just go away.