July 26th, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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eiluned led to me the unfortunately addictive Candybar Doll Maker. Do NOT go here if you like dressing up Barbies and you have the potential to waste time. Here's one that's sort of an approximation of me, except she's too thin, limbs too long, hair not frizzing enough, eyes too big and there were no eyeglasses that were even close. And that little gray cat should be pouncing on something by now.

Snitched from ozfille with whom I share a favorite snack food (or would share if she offered me any, heh):

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I had other stuff to say about sports and politics and the DNC and the episode of Dawson's Creek I watched while folding laundry earlier, but it's all sort of inane. Am torn between struggling with Remus/Severus which is like pulling teeth to pull together right now or working on Lucius/Severus, which 1) flows more smoothly and 2) keeps telling me things that are going to happen to Severus much later, making Remus/Severus easier in the long run. Also feel like this is a really dorky dilemma and why am I working this hard on fanfic anyway. On the plus side, I must say that while commentary here remains sparse and discouraging, over at Fiction Alley it is really delightful and even fanfiction.net kicks stuff over regularly, though I feel like I must be pretty pathetic to care.

Send Trek news. It's sparse today.