July 27th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I don't really know where yesterday went; I don't seem to have accomplished anything of note other than writing some unpostable smut with ashinae. My beloved mamadracula sent me a Sirius Black Azkaban shirt from Hot Topic, which was the highlight of the afternoon; shall wear it to lunch today with gblvr and see if she is jealous, heh. Also, I boxed up all my old press kits taken home when the original AnotherUniverse.com went out of business owing me a few thousand dollars because they were threatening to avalanche beneath a stack of LOTR magazines. Wow I have a lot of Nicholas Cage stuff. Too bad I am not in love with him. My cats were very disturbed by this activity because, while I had several boxes out, they were not allowed to sit in them for more than a few minutes at a time.

fileg made me bust a gut by pointing out this tribute to Ray Harryhausen featuring Skeletor and The Village People. I forget who I gacked the badass meme from but I wanted to be Ripley from Alien, since Lucius Malfoy is apparently not an option: Collapse )

And one more shot from this weekend in front of the Maryland Science Center, looking through the funky sculpture at a ship, a harbor taxi, the aquarium, the power plant etc., because what's a day in Baltimore without a picture of the boats: