July 29th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Barbara Ehrenreich in this morning's New York Times: Collapse )

GIP courtesy ashinae, because Jack Aubrey got it drunk. *giggling* I had col_kira_nerys do that LiveJournal sex quiz, and got better results than I could have made up: apparently Kira will be sleeping with me (my Mary Sue fantasy fulfilled!), jack_aubrey and stephen_maturin (preferably at the same time...another Mary Sue fantasy of sorts, as I write one of them and a friend writes the other), and legate_damar who was already on top of Kira's to do list. Damn but sometimes these memes are fun.

Today am having lunch with beeej and perkypaduan, neither of whom have I seen in weeks! (And probably won't see for more weeks since we are going out of town.) Yay Indian food!