August 3rd, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Yesterday I had to take the cats to the vet for their annual checkups. There was an accident between my house and the highway, so we were stuck in traffic, not moving, for half an hour with the vet threatening to give away the appointments if we were more than ten minutes late. So I was cursing and the cats were yowling at the tops of their lungs, even worse than usual for them in the car...and when we got to the vet, barely in time, they kept yowling for twenty full minutes, practically nonstop. I have never heard them do anything like this.

Rosie has actually lost weight since last year -- not much, but a teeny bit -- while Cinnamon has gained about a pound, which for a cat of her size is fine and also surprising considering that Rosie eats her food! Rosie's blood sugar was slightly high, and they want to do a urinalysis and check her blood again to see if she's becoming diabetic. Poor cat.

Yesterday I also figured out I had a choice: I could try to keep up with people and get no writing done, or try to get the writing done and declare the friends list and comments and chat hopeless. I went with the writing because I really wanted to get it done before leaving on vacation, and while I can answer comments with the kids in my hair, I can seldom do any substantive writing. Apologies, and I will hopefully get to the comments tonight, if we don't go see The Manchurian Candidate while we have free babysitting! Otherwise I might hit Best Buy and see if they have The Reckoning, which I missed in the theaters!