August 12th, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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Sorry to be brief but tonight we are in Cape Cod, where the highlight of my day -- indeed, perhaps the trip so far -- was standing on the beach at night watching the Perseid meteor shower. I've seen more shooting stars tonight than in my entire life thus far, and a great band of the Milky Way more clearly than anyplace other than camping in the mountains, rising out of the ocean through Sagittarius on the horizon. The water here is warm and free of red seaweed, though there is plenty of the green stuff, as well as some underwater scurrying crabs that I have felt but not seen.

Unfortunately our hotel has only three phone lines to be shared among all the rooms and they have a strict ten minutes to a dataport rule, so I cannot stay online long enough for comments or to read anything at all; I can scarcely even get my mail! And the news is reporting that the hurricane currently hitting Florida is expected to head straight up the coast. Hope everyone in the path is safe and hope this isn't another Isabel near home!