August 13th, 2004

little review

Poem for Friday

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With the exception of the hour or so playing miniature golf, I spent all day in view of the Atlantic Ocean and quite a bit of time in the water, so I am once again sun-fried but very happy (and the weather held, despite apparent rain in New York and Boston). We went to several national park sites, some concerned with the ecosystems and wildlife of Cape Cod including a hike through a cedar forest, some concerned with history such as the stream bed where the pilgrims first found and drank fresh water in the New World. The ocean was once again warm, with slightly larger waves and less seaweed. Like many coastal towns I've visited in DelMarVa and the Outer Banks, Cape Cod has a great deal of saltwater taffy, ice cream and pottery, and there are cheap t-shirts and ship miniatures galore!

Sorry once again to be brief but I continue to have connection problems so I cannot answer comments nor even download my mail, which is very slow -- I apologize! Also, and far worse, my husband's CD-RW drive appears to be completely fried, so I cannot burn large trip photos to CD. I may need to become far more judicious about how many I take!