August 19th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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At the art museum we also saw the delightful mrkinch, aesc and the_reverand, with whom we walked a few blocks and had Indian food and fine conversation in between sessions of telling my kids to keep their voices down, stop kicking, stop using inappropriate language, stop hitting each other, be careful of braces while eating tandoori shrimp, etc. So there was not nearly as much discussion of LOTR, slash or hot men in general as there should have been, but I so love putting faces to people I know from here and anyway we ended up talking about things that might never have come up in LJ comments. And I got to see one of the_reverand's drawings firsthand! We took photos but I want to make sure it's okay with all of them to post. In fact I may do a friends-locked post of pictures in which you can see me and various other family members in Constitution hammocks, throwing "tea" into Boston Harbor, standing by a miniature Argonath sculpture, etc.

We are going camping in the White Mountains in New Hampshire tomorrow night, so I will be completely offline from tomorrow morning until Friday night at the earliest...and we are staying at my sister's in Armonk, New York for the weekend so my online time will probably be severely curtailed as we try to keep our kids entertained. Before I go, however, I shall endeavor to post some of the paintings of ships in the American wing of the Museum of Fine Arts, which also had a wonderful collection of Thomas Cole paintings and a few by Church and Bierstadt; I had no idea, I only knew about the Impressionists and the Egyptian art, and I must admit that trying to do the museum in an hour is a pretty futile effort. On the other hand, an hour is better than not at all, and since we arrived after four the payment was a voluntary donation, which saved us a small fortune!

To my very great regret I did not manage to hook up with jenwrites or peregrine_ek due to time constraints, and we did not even manage to drag the kids on a drive through Norwood, where apaulled grew up, to bore them with sights from his youth. But I must add one more photo. I really wanted to take a picture of Fenway Park for all_ahoo, who has had to move away from her beloved Red Sox, but the one I snapped through the car window on the way into Boston only showed advertising on the back of the stadium, not even the lights. However, while leaving the art museum we did spot the blimp overhead, which enabled us to take a photo of the famous Indian sculpture admiring it as it deserves: Collapse )