September 4th, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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This poem is trying to give me a bunny. Logically I think it should be Remus/Sirius but it's Faramir who is trying to talk to me, and he is making no sense whatsoever, and I came to the conclusion quite awhile ago that I probably never really knew him anyway. At any rate I am ignoring him, as I have to write an article before heading to my in-laws and possibly the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair if the weather holds tomorrow. And, you know, I have other fic to finish, if Lucius Malfoy ever cooperates. He is sleeping late in my head this morning which is a tremendous relief after yesterday.

I am weeks behind on theatrical_muse and afraid I'm going to get my characters taken away if I don't do something about it but I'm still swamped. Should probably give one of them up but I can't bear the idea of giving either of them up...what to do, what to do. Stop distracting self looking out the window at squirrels, chipmunk, birds and other interesting creatures? Or stop living in so many fictional characters' heads and actually spend more time contemplating what's outside the the very least, bringing up Audubon from the basement and figuring out which bird is which?

Ah well, pictures of Jack and his namesake.

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Older comparisons here. Perhaps tonight I shall see Maximus!