September 9th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I have to make this fast as I am way-ass behind on everything. Yesterday, apparently, there was a tornado in Northern Virginia. This was spotted sometime between 2:40 p.m., when the middle school buses left the buildings, and 3 p.m., when elementary schools finish for the day in this county. The county went to Code Blue, meaning that we could not retrieve our children from the schools without signing them out on two forms and waiting for them to be called from the gym. Needless to say, this was a time-consuming process which they assured us was for our children's safety. Meanwhile I had visions of my other son and his friend, who had already been dismissed and sent home from middle school, standing at their bus stop waiting for me to arrive and pick them up and getting blown away by the rumored tornado while I was waiting for the elementary school to very safely deliver my younger son. Needless to say everything in my life was much delayed, and then we had to sit in the obligatory beltway traffic to get to back to school night several highways away.

This county is run by idiots. And, since they're elected idiots, I have no one to blame but the people who live here. But wait...that is, of course, true of my entire country! Why is this story not all over every paper and every blog in the country the way Unfit For Command has been? Why is this not all over the place? (The Onion, of course, had the most savvy commentary on the news of late: "Hundreds Of Republicans Injured In Rush To Discredit Kerry".) Why am I bothering to read the paper when I am so much happier living in denial and focusing my energy on smaller things, like the idiotic new county grading system, which I have now had explained to me at two PTA meetings on consecutive nights and still can't fathom? It sounds like my son will do fine in math as long as he shows his work even if he can't solve the problems, but he could fail chorus for not having been blessed with a better voice than the one he inherited from me...

Ah well, if I ever finish all the work I have to do, I shall return to Harry Potter Denial!Land, where exist such pleasures as "Strictus Snipe and a Cure for Writers’ Block" (thanks to copperbadge for the rec). Though no place is safe, as pointed out by eiluned, because the oh-so-tolerant Jesus freaks who love everyone except the people they hate are in Little Whingeing, too!

Have romantic lunch date with my husband to cash bonds we got as wedding gifts that are way overdue to be rolled over. Perhaps, we hope, this shall make a small dent in our mounting orthodontic bills. People to whom I owe a trip to the post office: Tomorrow. I promise. Today I am a Disney Bitch!

Evil Queen
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the bitchiest of
them all?

You are the Evil Queen! First of all the Disney
larger than life villians, both male and
female, you are the model they all strive
after. Darkly beautiful, owner of the hottest
evil wardrobe in all the land, and already
firmly in a position of power which none can
challenge. In fact, you're so damn good already
that you have nothing better to do than put
pretty but annoying relatives into highly
satisfactory comas. Har har!

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