September 12th, 2004

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Survived the first day of Hebrew school and soccer for younger son; today is older son's first day of Hebrew school. Then my parents have volunteered to take them to the Orioles-Yankees game in Baltimore, so apaulled and I have been left on our own for the afternoon now that soccer and Hebrew school have ended for the day. We are going to see Vanity Fair in a little while. Yesterday afternoon was the last day my parents' pool was open for the season, so they took the kids while we went shopping for necessities. May I just note that I adore Target's bargain racks and found an entire outfit for Rosh Hashanah for under $10? And then we all had pizza together.

Surprise, since it's been awhile...Viggo spam. The Washington Post reports that Viggo Mortensen's color and black and white photos will be on display locally at Addison/Ripley Fine Art in September -- the ghost dance exhibit perhaps? The web site has no information whatsoever. office_ennui, as my local art expert, can you shed light on this mystery? Also, since I'm viggospamming already, Collapse )

And since I am obviously in a dork mood rather than serious enough to talk about the New York Times editorial on Jews in America or to post my thoughts on the assault weapons ban, from chrismm by way of undone, "Rate My Schlong!" Not work safe. Not kid safe. Cuz, you know, penises. And, below, LJ Wedding Spam!

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