September 16th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Long but satisfying day. Picked up apaulled at work, went to see Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley on guitar and fiddle in the rain at the lunchtime concert series in the farmer's market, tiny crowd which meant we got to chat with them during the break, lovely music despite humidity-induced instrument vicissitudes. We ate California Tortilla for lunch there, too.

Have started the new year off right, writing porn and working a bit on angsty yet hopeful fic. Earlier, had enormous dinner with parents, husband's parents, kids and friends of parents (salad, gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzoh balls, chicken piccata, carrot souffle, a potato pancake with sour cream, barley with pine nuts, nubian chocolate roll and a little bit of lemon meringue pie, plus the traditional apples and honey and challah and wine. We are going out for our usual brunch at the pancake house before afternoon services, and we forgot to cancel younger son's violin lesson, so late in the day we must go there as well. May be long day but hopefully uplifting in the way that religious holidays involving a lot of good food can be.

Collapse ) And happy Mexican Independence Day.