September 20th, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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Another low-key day, with preparations for my son to leave for two days of outdoor education with a group of kids he barely knows (neither of the boys in his carpool are going with his team; they're going Wednesday-Friday) around a birthday party at a local park in absolutely perfect weather. Now it's quite cool and we have all the windows open and I'm wearing a jacket and heavy slippers with socks underneath and am still chilly and it's delightful. May be deeply traumatized tomorrow evening not having my son home (he's slept at friends and away with grandparents but has never gone to overnight camp -- no interest -- so this is his first sleepaway with a peer group). Prepare to console me. *g*

In between bouts of preparation, I half-watched the Emmys. Adored Kushner's acceptance speech. Was delighted Something the Lord Made won for TV movie. Was cranky Alan Rickman didn't win for same (I know we're all supposed to be rooting for Angels In America to win everything because lots of awards are apparently supposed to make us feel better about the lack of actual AIDS funding, but I rooted for Alan over Al Pacino anyway). Also cranky Anjelica didn't win even though I didn't watch Iron Jawed Angels because -- and this is really dorky -- I always forget that we get HBO. Nice to see Shatner on the big show and I suppose I will have to watch Boston Legal with its gaggle of Emmy winners. Thought about being bummed Meryl beat Glenn again, but Glenn was playing a role for which Katharine Hepburn only won half an Oscar for a much better performance, so I guess it's fair enough. Sex and the City saved my sanity several times during the worst year of my life, but I still can't bring myself to care that it's off the air...I wish they'd gotten rid of Carrie and her men and kept Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

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