September 23rd, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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Gonna have to be fast because my editor's motto seems to be that if I step up and do way too much work one day, it just means that obviously this is my normal capacity and I should have just as much shit dumped on me every day. I mean, I spent half an hour yesterday writing about a UPN series that ISN'T on a Wednesday or Friday, ISN'T in any way connected with Enterprise and ISN'T going to be watched by 99% of our readers because it's a teen angst detective series about a girl...and if that was the only news to cover and we needed filler for the day, fine, but then do not dump two enormous articles on me the next day while it's two days from a major religious holiday AND ask me to do news bullets! I'm at the point where I am ready to tell them to pay me per article or I'm walking. It's not the lack of money -- I knew they had no money when I started. It's the fact that any time I stretch myself, instead of a thank you, I get the presumption that I should just do it again and again.

My son is home from outdoor ed, and very very happy -- he loved being in the cabins, loved all the hiking and confidence courses and had a good time with the other kids, including one who went to first through third grade with him and then transferred to a different elementary school but is in his new middle school. I have a terrible head cold and feel like crap (as should be obvious from my mood). My younger son is getting his stitches out from the periodontal work this afternoon, and is thrilled. So life is good, other than I have an insane weekend schedule coming up with family stuff for Yom Kippur all day Saturday (we always break the fast at the home of a longtime friend of my mother's) and Sunday we are driving a posse of eleven year old boys to the Renaissance Festival for my son's birthday. I just want my head to be clear by then.

I half-watched the Smallville season opener. Squeed like a madwoman when Margot Kidder showed up and squeed even more when her big scene was with Annette and when her character had a Thing for Christopher Reeve's character. Since I missed most of last season and was up and down during the episode I hesitate to draw any conclusions from it, other than I can definitely watch any show with Tom Welling's naked butt and Jensen Ackles and Michael Rosenbaum and John Glover, and I shall link to ingridmatthews's post about it because it made me smile. Below snicked from copperbadge, and made me smile too, and you can get froggies and cats and other little avatars:

little wolfcruisedirector

And heidi8 linked me to this bad news for UPenn alumni! Woe!