September 29th, 2004

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Oh what a day. I think I blew it yesterday and didn't call to cancel a dentist appointment for my kids that I had been sure I moved to another date because my older son has chess club after school on Tuesdays (and was originally scheduled for Hebrew school, before we switched Hebrew to the Thursday class so he could do chess club). The late bus was very late due to the weather and my son did not get home till after six. Today I am supposed to spend half the day with gblvr but my younger son seems to have yanked a wire loose in his braces, meaning that I may have to take him to the orthodontist (who is in the same offices as the dentist). I am rather frazzled and unfocused and this makes things generally suck.

In good news, though, I had lunch with the lovely beeej after weeks of delay, and I finished the first draft of chapter eleven of "Tea and Chocolate" that's been giving me fits for weeks. And Washington is getting a baseball team. Must be the full moon. Speaking of lunacy, Boromir (the gerbil) has decided that instead of crawling into his little hidey-house through the well-gnawed front door, he would rather keep turning it over and using it as a nest (until he gnaws through it, at least). Here, look:

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