October 11th, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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Another poem from yesterday's Poet's Choice on Theodore Roethke, a wonderful mood-setter. I have had an Imitrex Day, meaning that my entire day can be divided into Before, hazed by migraine, and After I broke down and took the medicine and was blessedly content afterward. Forgive me if I am still somewhat slow and stupid.

Following Hebrew school and soccer, we went hiking along the C&O Canal at Riley's Lock, just above Swain's Lock which is more familiar to most people since you can rent bikes and boats there. Then we went apple picking at Homestead Farms. I completely lost about three hours from that point dealing with my head, though I wrote what may be an entirely incoherent article about this week's Enterprise reviews without being able to see straight. Then this evening we all got the urge to watch Galaxy Quest because we'd been talking about Star Trek (and I wouldn't turn down Alan Rickman in anything anyway).

Shall post the canal pictures today and spread out the farm pictures over the rest of the week, since in addition to apples, they had animals, pumpkins, a corn maze and other fun fall things.

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Tomorrow is parents' visiting day at both kids' schools, which are also having book fairs and fundraisers and all those things that go along with parents' visiting days. So I expect to be entirely taken up with my children tomorrow.