October 14th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Have terrible head cold with raging sore throat. Did not go to concert at lunchtime; sat at home drinking tea, then spent hours and hours running around with both kids at dentist/orthodontist appointments in the same office scheduled a ragingly inconvenient two and a half hours apart.

Practicing "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all," I shall just mention that in the game store where my son dragged me between appointments, I found a copy of Quigley Down Under for $6. And got my son ice cream after braces adjustment. And since he had to have soft food for dinner anyway, had chicken slop which is cure-all for my head, husband's upset stomach etc. Plus, since the dentist is in the mall, I mailed packages for sparowe and seleneheart finally and can stop feeling guilty about the stuff for them piled on my desk because it's been sent off. I did not send either sparowe or mrkinch the CDs I made for them, though, because my brain has obviously been fried by too much Snape.

However, I do have Alan Rickman's hands for mrkinch. And a Lego Big Gay Boat for starfishchick and insidian. No comment on the Yankees for all_ahoo. Sort of watched Smallville, vertigo66 (would offer to take you out to lunch for your birthday but I don't think you want my germs! Next week?) Am skipping rant about debate, voter registration fraud and politics in general because I feel too crappy to do it articulately. Thinking of Matthew Shepard.

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