October 15th, 2004

little review

Poem for Friday

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Happiest of birthdays to my very oldest friend in fandom and one of my oldest in life, vertigo66! I assume you will be spending a lovely day-off with your children as I will. (We might drive into the mountains to see the leaves turning if it doesn't rain; I have no clue what we will do if it does rain!) Also, happy belated birthday faramir_boromir!

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Stayed home and nursed my throat today except when I was driving carpools, so have nothing exciting to report. apaulled took our younger son to violin while I took our older son to Hebrew school, so I did not get to hear younger son's progress and I think he is getting impatient with my lack of attentiveness -- I need to sit and listen to him or he doesn't want to practice. The kids have no school tomorrow due to a countywide teachers' conference, and if the weather is good, we might all go do a family thing, but if the weather stinks the kids may just want to play with their friends. Might be seeing parents and/or in-laws depending on whether the latter want to drive down here and if not whether the former want us for dinner. In either case I have to review Enterprise tomorrow night and hope I am awake enough to focus.

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Does anyone else have a problem where, if you're writing smut involving a character, and you get interrupted, the character gets upset with you? Must find a way to get this muse drunk or he won't let me sleep. And a quiz I had to post because I got Snape, also gacked from gblvr:

Who is your shagalicious Slytherin?
Name/User name
Your House?
Favorite Color?
Your Shagalicious Slytherin is
Did they like it? It was alright
Would they do it again? Of course!
Times you did it? 84
Where did you do it? The middle of the Great Hall
Who was watching? Dumbledore- didn't know he was a pervy old guy did you?
This fun quiz by elwyn - Taken 95 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!