October 23rd, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Had Migraine From Hell last night, Imitrex hadn't made a dent after two hours, I don't remember sleeping, so there are holes in my memory of yesterday. I did have a lovely lunch and afternoon with perkypaduan, during which Japanese food was eaten and Jason Isaacs was drooled over (related, from isaacs_daily: The West Wing, the middle one). Then I got my kids and we all had dinner with my parents who are going out of town for a week (this, psu_jedi, is why I have no babysitting on Saturday night), then I came home to review Enterprise's "Home", which had one very good storyline and two totally hackneyed, cliched subplots that nearly dragged it down.

Ah, I'm uninteresting this morning. Instead the Post Your Baby Picture! meme. I am not sure if this is cheating but I am posting my mother and my father's parents as well, because, really -- and I know this is blasphemy to say as a mother -- I don't find pictures of newborns all that thrilling, no matter how wrinkled and adorable they may be, unless it's a newborn in whom I have a particular investment. But it is always fascinating to see the faces of the relatives. Can you tell I was a first child and first grandchild? (If you want to know how I am going to look in ten years, take a good look at my father's mother on the right; I look more like her all the time.)

Collapse ) I think we're going to get pumpkins today and do some shopping and look at leaves, but tomorrow we are going to Catoctin and Gambrill and other parks where the color out to be spectacular. So the photos next week should be more enthralling. (ETA2: Recipe for cat lovers. Hee!)