October 24th, 2004

little review

Poem for Sunday

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As anticipated, we did a Borders run to get one son a Redwall book, the other son some manga, and me (with a 25% off coupon that expired today and credit from an exchanged book burning a hole in my pocket) the two-disc edition of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which has three long inserted scenes that are all Alan Rickman chewing scenery like no one has ever chewed before -- though this film is shockingly anti-pagan, extended edition even worse than the original, I expect many people to be offended as hell by it. After Borders we went to pick pumpkins at Phillips Farm, where we also got cider, went to a hay maze and walked through the petting zoo. Animal photos tomorrow (including the goats named Clark and Kent). Pumpkin pictures today.

But first I must report that meneathiel has killed me. I had asked her where she found vid clips of Jason Isaacs' West Wing episodes, and she led me to The JIF Page, which has this clip from the shoot of Divorcing Jack in which Jason plays the harmonica while David Thewlis watches and giggles. Now don't expect me to write any Lucius/Remus conflict in the next few days because all Lucius and Remus want to do in my head is giggle and shag. (Also, ashinae, note this amusing blooper in which Jason gets The Snakehead stuck in Daniel Radcliffe's costume.) And I haven't even looked at the "Gaza" clips yet!

Love and adoration to ribby and esteven for St. Paul and vitamin C and sage respectively. Yay Red Sox! And one more *squee* to ashinae for reasons of which she is all too aware.

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