October 25th, 2004

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Poem for Monday

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Today the rain reasserted itself, but we had plans to go hiking at three state parks so we went anyway. It was actually perfect hiking weather, mid-50s at the tops of the mountains, and early on there was more mist and fog than actual sopping precipitation, but that changed late in the day, when we bailed out of hiking to the Blair Witch church from Gathland State Park and went directly to the Chinese buffet in Frederick.

We started by meeting my in-laws at High Knob at Gambrill State Park in Frederick County, which has spectacular fall color on a steep cliff overlooking the surrounding countryside...not that the surrounding countryside could be seen at all in the fog. There are several overlooks, and a stone tea room with a gorgeous balcony that we could not go on today as there was a wedding inside. From there we drove to Washington Monument State Park over the Washington County line four miles from Boonsboro, with an 1827 stone tower at the top of a hike marked by milestones from Washington's life and crossing the Appalachian Trail.

It was raining quite hard by the time we came down the mountain, so we skipped playing with the kids in the large playground there and continued on to Gathland State Park, of particular interest to apaulled's parents who are Civil War history buffs since the southern extremity of the Battle of South Mountain was fought here. "Gath" was the pseudonym of George Alfred Townsend, a Civil War journalist who had a home here, the ruins of which can still be seen, as well as the restored War Correspondents' Arch and a walk-through tour of the battlefields. The nearest town to the Gath estate is Burkittsville, best known as the locale of The Blair Witch Project, so we drove through there but due to the pouring rain we did not stop on the way to Frederick and dinner. I know I promised animal photos but I think I am going to hold off on them for the night and post damp fall foliage instead:

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Okay...so who's doing NaNoWriMo? Or, more to the point, who's not doing NaNoWriMo but might be willing to read bits of an original WIP that will not necessarily appear in any sort of order?