October 28th, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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My pleasures yesterday consisted of eating tortilla soup plus cruising a bookstore with perkypaduan and gblvr, finding pink fuzzy-lined sweatpants and a pink and black fleece jacket cheap at Target, taking a long walk, munching Halloween candy early, finally sorting my kids' clothing and giving my younger son half the sweatshirts buried in the drawers of my older son (some of which still had tags, as older son tends to want to stick to the same five things over and over), bagging for charity everything less than a boys size eight, Swedish meatballs for dinner, Lionel in Clark's body, The West Wing, the Red Sox victory followed by phone calls to and from in-laws far and wide, and our neighborhood standing together in the parking lot watching this:

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And since I'm spamming with news events, The Washington Post's photo of USS Constellation and Pride of Baltimore heading to Annapolis yesterday for the Constellation's celebration of her 150th birthday, the first time she has left the harbor of Baltimore since she arrived 50 years ago: Collapse )

Congratulations Boston fans! Am bracing myself for the next sign of the apocalypse. *g*