November 6th, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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I slept late today for no good reason, spent the morning doing things that needed to be done and it's now nearly one and we are supposed to be taking the kids out and I haven't even started doing work. Ah well. There's always later.

Went over to the lovely vertigo66's for lunch yesterday to watch the slashy parts of Gangster No. 1 -- had forgotten that the whole movie pretty much counts as "the slashy parts," even the violent stuff I can't watch (we skipped that anyway). She has the double-disc version of Room With a View, and gave me her single-disc version, which remarkably I never owned because we had it on videotape and I hadn't watched it in years. Didn't have time for the whole thing last night because I had to review Enterprise but I watched some of my favorite bits and felt good and was nostalgic for one of my college roommates with whom I first saw it, though of all my roommates she is the one I probably had least in common with and we drifted out of touch several years ago. I should track her down and call her; she's somewhere in the L.A. suburbs.

Speaking of Enterprise: "Cold Station 12" review, mostly positive though a lot of that is because I watch this show with my kids, we make verbal comparisons with other Trek shows throughout, and despite the gore (which I really do not like them watching, and resent on 8 p.m. shows) we were all entertained. My older son even blew off his favorite Nintendo-playing pal on the phone to keep watching and called the friend back later to tell him everything cool that was happening on Enterprise. I am truly raising a geek!

On which note, apaulled is having a bad flare of tendonitis (he jogs 5-6 miles every morning) so even though the weather is perfectly gorgeous for outdoor things here, I think we are taking the kids to the movies (or else we may just get Shrek 2 on DVD, bring that home and watch it), then maybe to walk on the boardwalk and to Target to get gifts for birthday parties the kids have tomorrow. Older son is also demanding a haircut so I think it will be a boring domestic weekend. I have received my O'Brian box set, so I now have 21 in the house and can let myself finish The Hundred Days. After a full year at sea, it will feel very strange on the day I start a novel by someone else...