November 13th, 2004

little review

Poem for Saturday

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Poem discovered via hibernate at this site. It makes me think of Denethor and Faramir, I think because of the tree and the stars and the dreams running out like water.

fannish5: What five characters do you find the most interesting and why? Boromir, Severus Snape, Kira Nerys, Lex Luthor, the Devil. In all cases, I think, because I am fascinated by characters in need of redemption/absolution for something. There are many other reasons I admire them individually but that's what they have in common, along with intelligence, tenaciousness and passion.

Speaking of passion, this is not what it sounds like but it is still my single favorite Yahoo! headline ever and it's a good thing I don't slash politicians except in my head when they deserve it so much: "Bush, Blair Friendship Began with Toothpaste."

Had busy day playing catch-up from which I am not yet caught up. (beeej, I owe you a beta, and perkypaduan, I owe you your birthday sex present; I have not forgotten.) Was taken out to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner unexpectedly because mother, just home from New York, was not up for cooking Shabbat dinner in a house with a broken refrigerator, so that was very nice. Enterprise review: "The Augments", I was quite happy with how the Brent Spiner arc ended.

GIP from a screen cap by seleneheart, who made my evening while writing aforementioned review, along with betareject who was so kind not to laugh me offline when I deserved it. I know there are a million other things, from thefridayfive to my son's mythology homework to the fact that I am now writing the stupidest Harry Potter story EVER (yes, really -- it involves a GIANT METEOR hitting the earth and no I am not kidding). But for now I must get to bed! Have a great weekend!