November 16th, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Spent a nice day visiting with perkypaduan, eating her food and watching The Manchurian Candidate -- the original -- had forgotten just how wonderful that film is, and how good Sinatra was in it. Georgie the kitten was there being utterly adorable -- I took photos but have not had time to size them, so not even she has seen them yet! I always feel very decadent slumping on someone else's couch, eating her food, watching her movies. Heh.

Then I came home and got my kids, which led to the usual hilarity one has with kids. My younger son was cleaning his room and discovered for the first time, though they have been there forever, the collection of stuffed Opuses (Opi?) from Bloom County on his very top shelf. These belonged to me and apaulled, a longtime Berke Breathed fan. So younger son asked, "What's the name of the penguin on my shelf? And how come his nose is so big?" and then, a few minutes later, "If his nose is big, does that mean his weenie is big?" Hazards of quoting Life of Brian with children around even when you think they are not listening! apaulled himself meanwhile sent me a link to this article on beavers that built a dam out of stolen money. Very amusing, but my first question was, "Tell the truth, you were searching under 'beaver' weren't you?" Heh.

Meme, gacked from eponis because it amuses me: tell me which Harry Potter character I would be and why! Am having delayed lunch with juleskicks and lohowarose and I am so excited! And have busy schedule with kids the next two days so had better go. Thanks so much everyone for the fic comments; I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Snape does too, but he insists that that is the result of a potion he was testing and he scoffs at my Muggle ignorance.

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