November 22nd, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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Am still in moderate-to-high squee mode, partly because my good friend in London just told me that a friend and co-worker of hers is co-adapting a play with Alan Rickman. She ordered me not to salivate. I can't help it. Certain people suggested that it was just as well that it was not me co-adapting a play or anything else with Alan Rickman, as I would surely salivate on him, and then he would scold me, and that would only make matters very, very much worse. *crumples into whimpering heap*

LiveJournal appears to be eating my comments. I have not gotten a single one since early this morning except on a handful of comments I left in other people's journals. I will eventually find the ones here, I suppose, so long as they are on fairly recent posts, but I imagine that if you wrote back to anything I said in your journal, odds are good I may not see it, so please don't be mad! Collapse )

The washing machine is working but I can't tell if it's spinning right; clothes still seem to be awfully damp coming out. Am hoping this is a one-time thing and perhaps I overloaded the sweats. Am planning to make sacrifices to the laundry gods and try much smaller loads next time.

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