December 1st, 2004

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Poem for Wednesday

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Now that I have seen all of Finding Neverland, I must confess that I am not sorry it broke yesterday in the last ten minutes because I got to see it two days in a row and only pay for one, and this is a movie that is so worth seeing several times. And I realized that although I consider myself just sort of a casual fan of Kate Winslet, not a worshipper, she was in my two favorite films of 2004: this one and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Must consider adding her to my Favorite Actresses list. Meanwhile, does anyone here have a recommendation for a good biography of J.M. Barrie?

I need to write a long post about the film, but am too wiped out tonight. One of my favorite things, though, is the lack of the most obvious subtext, whose potential is such that every review I read mentioned the potential and it comes up as a point of discussion in the film. I was terrified of pedophilic overtones; that is an enormous squick of mine, and while I can cope with it in Peter Pan because the characters are all fictional, I was afraid something in Finding Neverland would hit my freakout button. It never did -- it's wonderful in its restraint, because there were moments when in my own (corrupted by "Neverland" a la Michael Jackson) brain, I was thinking, gee, this could have been portrayed just a shade more ambiguously, a shade more ominous. (I suppose it could be, in Willy Wonka -- same child and adult actors, which might be wonderful or might be really creepy.)

permetaform linked to this fascinating article: "Franz Ferdinand Don't Mind Being Coupled With Morrissey In Gay Fan Fiction". gblvr introduced me to their music not long ago and now I think I am crushing. And I never crush on musicians! Eek! I am also crushing over the new ROTK EE preview, like so many others; I think I am possibly, finally, starting to get excited about this film. I mean...that Faramir scene! But I reserve the right to change my mind so until I see it, I am not going to think about HoH fic.

Speaking of gblvr, I am having a long-postponed lunch with her tomorrow, and then an even longer-postponed lunch with beeej on Thursday so I am very happy about this. And for my birthday, my wonderful husband just told me that he is taking me to Philadelphia to see October Project! We are staying in a hotel on the river and the menu at the place where they're performing looks beyond divine: they have pumpkin ravioli! Now I need to get him a kick-ass Chanukah present and can't think what. Suggestions for the Grateful Dead/Phish fan who has everything? And incidentally, does anyone here have the new extended Mulan DVD -- is it worth getting even if we have the original Mulan DVD release? Are the deleted scenes good?

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Have I mentioned, by the way, that the scene with the monkeys in Alexander was my second-favorite moment in the film? Shall try to get caught up later -- I know, I always say that. *g* Soon! I have finished Blue at the Mizzen, a very bittersweet moment, and am going to plunge directly into 21 as apparently I need more Aubrey/Maturin even if it isn't strictly canon. The nice thing about driving carpool is that I always end up with time to read while waiting for the bus...