December 2nd, 2004

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I've heard from the insurance company for the shopping center in whose parking lot my van was resting when their streetlamp fell on it. They said we would be covered, but until an adjustor looks at the van, I don't know exactly what that means -- whether I will have to go where they tell me to get it fixed or to my own dealer, whether we will have to pay and be reimbursed later, etc. They did say we would get a rental car but, again, not until the adjustor sees the van. The adjustor is, in theory, supposed to call tomorrow. So there will be no going anywhere for me. If anyone is bored in the morning and wishes to write to me, please feel free to do so, as I am sulking more than I should, it being only a van, and the insurance being far more cooperative at least at this stage than I had expected. But MY NEW VAN...

I also forgot to mention that gblvr was an angel and got me a disposable camera to take pictures of the accident while I was freaking out and calling my insurance, my father's law partner, etc. I owe you a trip to a toy store, sweetie. Sorry I am so not-fun right now!

I did manage to get my work done, and I wrote two more drabbles: "Open-Handed" for snape100 and "Past and Present" for lupin100, both holiday-themed, neither happy. I was going to write more about Finding Neverland but am too stressed and tired and headachy and sulky (sorry seleneheart) so instead, some food for thought about Barrie and the film by A.S. Byatt, by John Walsh and from a blog review. And now I am going to go collapse.

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