December 6th, 2004

little review

Poem for Monday

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"Alexander and the Jews" is the sort of article that explains why I read, even though it is far too conservative for me both theologically and politically. The mix of spiritual and secular and the educational background I find there is unlike any I have found elsewhere, from my own Hebrew school experiences to anything I get in my Reform synagogue. Collapse )

Winning is always sweet. Winning against any New York team is particularly sweet. Winning against the Giants by 24 points is sweet indeed. Winning against the Giants without them scoring any points on offense is delightful. And watching Portis get nearly 150 yards from great seats, eating a crab cake for dinner and listening to a live classic rock cover band in the club level at halftime? Magnificent. In fact the only tiny blight all afternoon was going to our seats to watch the Redskins game after seeing the ends of the one o'clock games on the big screens indoors, believing that Baltimore had pulled out a victory against Cincinnati, only to discover that the Bengals had kicked a field goal with two seconds on the clock and won that game. But ask me if I was worrying about that while we were all singing "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye" to the Giants!

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In other news, I seem to have written Proof fic. (This despite the fact that through the entire football game, Snape was telling me about the dirty fantasies he harbors while watching Quidditch -- no wonder it makes him smile.) Shall post in the morning if it isn't so bad that I cry upon rereading it.