December 10th, 2004

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Poem for Friday

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fridayfiver: To Bennington, with love.
1. Have you ever streaked?
Only if across a dorm room counts.
2. Do you think streaking should be a crime? I think there are places where public nudity is inappropriate, but with streaking the actual crime tends to be trespassing -- like the guy who ran onstage at the Oscars, or people who do it at football games.
3. Why do you think streaking is such a staple of college life? Because alcohol is such a staple of college life? And because people who are young and told by the media that they're therefore attractive are more likely to run around nude than people my age?
4. If we tolerate streaking, what's the worst thing that could happen? Frostbite? I don't know. At present I am rather in favor of things that shock the conservative status quo, but I really don't want streakers in the bowling alley at my son's birthday party.
5. C'mon. You're given $100,000 (US). Would ya streak? Provided I was certain that I would not lose all that money bailing myself out and paying for a lawyer, sure.

fannish5: What 5 characters perform their actual jobs well?
It's easier to think of characters who don't perform their jobs well, like Dolores Umbridge or Denethor, because most of the ones I like are good at what they do -- Jack Aubrey, Boromir, Kira Nerys, CJ Cregg, Cinnamon Carter, et al.

I can't handle the meme, but I would like to declare that betareject is utterly cool and when I first read her legate_damar, I was positive she must have been someone I already knew from DS9 fandom because she had him so spot-on. Also, she puts up with my insanity, unpredictability and bizarre fic-writing extremely well. *g*

Yeah, so I am royally behind. Haven't checked my friends list in two days. And what am I doing about it? Going out to lunch with gblvr, before having Chanukah dinner with my parents, and in between I have to write the Trek Nation weekly review round-up. Forgive me? Collapse )

Cats fighting over the highly coveted Piece of Yellow String on the violin case.