December 15th, 2004

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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That poem is trying to give me an Aragorn/Faramir bunny. Oh god, and I was so sure I could never go back there -- in a perverse way I think not getting to see them as I dreamed of seeing them in the EE has cracked open my imagination. But of course it had to be this week when I have a tricky Remus/Sirius fic that I absolutely have to finish! Incidentally, folks, I'm not trying to drive anyone away but if you're really just here for the fic, I do have a fic journal: theloveboat. If you want the porn and don't want the poetry, the politics, or me babbling about my life, you can get it there. And if you dislike me personally or you're someone who's inclined to tell people about the contents of my locked posts, then for heaven's sake please go read the fic there, defriend this journal and spare both of us.

Google is making me so happy (report via The New York Times). There have been rumors for awhile, but yesterday Google officially announced plans to convert the holdings of several major US research libraries and Oxford University Library into digital files that will be freely searchable over the Web. Yahoo! and other rival companies are expected to follow suit with other libraries. It's Star Trek's library computer, in my lifetime! I have no words for how happy this makes me. Really, I got all choked up reading the news articles. Of all the devices I fantasized about from sci-fi of my youth, the computer library was the one I most wanted in the here and now.

ribby sent me Capercaillie and Wolfstone and Great Big Sea! *adores* Now I must get her October Project in the mail! And starfishchick, you know those CDs I promised to send you, like, nearly a year ago? They're coming! Also while I am thanking people and making promises, I would just like to grovel a bit to musigneus for writing "A Kind of Redemption" which I just adored. SB/RL-SS/RL and it got me all choked up too. (No I'm not getting my period, why do you ask?)

You all know how I spent my morning and afternoon, with perkypaduan, who cheated on me with my cat...or perhaps I should say that my cat cheated on me with her, since they spent four hours snuggling. We ate California Tortilla and drank tea and squeed, and then we had to rush through the end so I could get my kids. For the last night of Chanukah we opened all the presents from my in-laws which included much chocolate for us and books for everyone. Unfortunately the meteor shower was blocked by clouds, so instead we watched the mediocre end of the mediocre Earthsea miniseries. I'm not sorry I watched, but my kids were far more attentive than I was until they had to go to bed; this is Earthsea for third graders. Lana Lang was better than the Dominic Monaghan lookalike know, I think I won't even try to talk about the dialogue or how the plot got reduced. I shall think upon ROTK some more instead.

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Tonight is my older son's school winter assembly at which he is performing, in formal clothing, with the chorus, so I will be running around insane all afternoon and rushing through dinner. The rest of this week in general shall be insane!