December 19th, 2004

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Today my older son needed to visit a friend from school who lives halfway across the county to work on a school science project, so I spent the morning sending out the final batch of holiday things and getting my desk in some semblance of order while he was there and younger son was at Hebrew school. Then we all went to Meadowside Nature Center, which has a man-made cave for kids to climb and slide through, a local Native American straw hut and canoe built on the premises, and many animals, mostly injured birds and pets donated because the owners couldn't care for them, plus hiking trails down to and along Rock Creek. It was a gorgeous afternoon in the 50s and we did a lot of walking outdoors.

At home I had to fold laundry and the kids had played their daily allotment of video games so we all sat down and watched Labyrinth, which I'd gotten on DVD off Best Buy's $6 table and had not seen in well over a decade. Obviously this is not the super-duper remastered box set edition that sells for ten times that amount, so some parts of the print did not hold up all that well (pretty much anything filmed against a green screen, particularly the sequence with the Fraggle dudes) while other aspects (Jareth's magic tricks, the Escher-painting sets) hold up spectacularly. Bowie remains wonderful, and Jennifer Connelly is better than I remembered and I remembered her pretty fondly; she and I are close enough in age that I was quite critical of how Sarah was written when I first saw it and held some of that against the performance rather than the writing. But the real delight in watching this DVD was the making-of special which I had not seen before. How did I not know that Michael Jones had co-written the movie with Jim Henson, and that the Frouds' son played the eponymously-named Toby? Yet my favorite discovery was Gates McFadden; I knew somewhere in my brain that she had choreographed the film, but to see her there in the documentary going by the name of Cheryl and talking at length about her work as a dancer made me so happy! (Henson mentioned that the other people they considered to play Jareth were Sting and Michael Jackson, and I can only say thank heavens that the latter did not happen.)

My husband is making up for not celebrating Christmas in our house and for not being able to see any of his family -- they're all currently on the west coast -- by making holiday cookies to send to all of them, so the whole house smells like baking and I keep getting tastes of things with nuts and cinnamon and powdered sugar. Have updated my picture pages at; feel accomplished. For dinner we had this awesome new Campbell's cheesy soup involving jalapenos and red pepper, so I am in a rather mellow all-is-right-with-the-world state; must remember to get more exercise more often. I talked to perkypaduan, who is feeling much better but is staying in the hospital and will be offline till Tuesday at least, am hoping to visit her but I'm not sure when since my family Chanukah party is tomorrow afternoon (and we need to get gifts for the gift exchange for two female cousins between 8 and 16 -- any clever suggestions, pronto?). If anyone can point me to any good Lost fic, since I don't even watch the show and it's perkypaduan's new favorite thing, I would really appreciate it -- anyone want to write some for her, by any chance?

Another fannish5! In the spirit of the holidays, pick five characters and tell us one present each you would like to give them.
1. Severus Snape:
A really good laugh.
2. Kira Nerys: A week off, completely secure about the station and Bajor, to relax utterly.
3. Stephen Maturin: All those diaries he lost, burned or let sink to the bottom of the sea, returned intact.
4. Faramir and Aragorn: A really happy dream about Boromir.
5. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully: The truth...and not that lame truth from "The Truth."

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