December 20th, 2004

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Poem for Monday

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Most of today was devoted to getting ready for the family Chanukah party and then attending the family Chanukah party. I wrote a couple of articles in the morning to get them out of the way, went shopping for gifts for the gift exchange; I punted and got both the 9- and 18-year-old girls Blockbuster cards with candy and microwave popcorn, so they could have movie nights, but while the older one was quite excited, I think the younger one would have preferred a microfiber blouse like her older cousin got or one of those squishy pillows like her younger cousin got. I also got tape for my son's school project that we had thought was due Wednesday but is in fact due tomorrow; while I was shopping, apaulled was at home helping him decorate a coffee can to look like a character from Weird Stories from the Lonesome Cafe.

By the time we headed out for the party, it was snowing hard, the first real snow of the year; it stuck a bit to the grass, but not to the roads, so we are hoping school opens at the usual time tomorrow, but it was absolutely gorgeous to watch as we drove. The party was a lot of fun -- my kids and their friend disappeared down the basement as soon as we arrived and played down there nearly the entire time, meaning that I got to talk to my older cousins and great-aunt and uncle whom I only see a few times a year. This is my father's father's brother and his wife, their two daughters and spouses, each of their daughters' two daughters ranging in age from 7-19, their first cousins on the other side of the family (my great-aunt's siblings' kids) and their spouses and children. I stuffed my face on Thai hors d'oeuvres, Swedish meatballs, latkes and Muenster cheese and couldn't even eat any of the donuts we brought, nor the joint birthday cake for all the December babies, including me.

Was bitten by schmoopy Lucius/Severus bunny and had to write this for snape100: "Old Time's Sake". Yeah. Schmoopy. Lucius. *hides* shacking_up fic has been sent off -- big gushy thanks to my betas and readers, jazzypom, gblvr, betareject and seleneheart -- I cannot thank you in the fic at present, as it would probably give away who wrote it, so I shall thank you here!

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