December 21st, 2004

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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Home sick. Thought maybe the heat (on very high due to it being five degrees when I woke up) had dried out my throat, but no -- over the course of the day I got the feverish burning eyes, very sore throat, icky post-nasal feeling. Other than going to mom's for leftovers for dinner -- oh, and walking a quarter of a mile in the near-zero wind chill to pick up younger son from school -- I did not leave the house, and took two naps. Am cranky but also grateful that I did not have a job I had to be at, thus making the naps possible. And speaking of illness, pegkerr led me to Gollum's diagnosis, which made me smile.

I also talked to perkypaduan, who is suffering much more than I am: she is having an angioplasty tomorrow. They have assured her that she will be home for Christmas but it has got to be the most depressing and scary and frustrating thing to be spending this week in a hospital, though she doesn't complain and is my role model in counting blessings. I didn't dare try to visit her, being sick myself. I must come up with some fantastic manner of entertainment to bestow upon her, since writing Lost fanfic is out. Is there some way we can all make her a big online card?

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Gacked from robinwest, to go with the first officer quiz:

Dr. Leonard McCoy
Leonard "Bones" McCoy
I'm a Doctor, Not a ____________! (Star Trek)
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A very blessed solstice and Yule to everyone. Comments are in original locked post here.