December 23rd, 2004

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Poem for Thursday

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Have spent very nearly the entire day doing things with my new computer, like trying to decide how much of the 2G of LOTR art I burned to CD from the computer which now belongs to apaulled I actually need on the new one or can leave on the CDs for reference when I need it. I haven't loaded any vids, but am thinking that now that I can burn DVDs, maybe I can make a vid disc that I can actually watch on the TV...but the quality of most .avi and .wmv files is too low for that to work very well, isn't it? I can convert .avi to .mpg and I believe I can convert most other formats, but that won't make the screen resolution any better, I fear. The only DVD I have burned so far was one with all our family photos -- all the ones that I possess in electronic format, at least -- and that worked very quickly and well, so I am feeling both happy and brave.

I also entertained myself in spectacular fashion while copying, burning, formatting, installing, rebooting, registering and all those other fun new computer activities. First, since my kids had very little homework and I had laundry to fold, we all watched Airplane!, one of my recent Best Buy $4 purchases (when a DVD is cheaper to buy than to rent and I figure I will watch it more than three times, it's definitely worth purchasing, I figure). They had never seen it; I had not seen it in easily a decade. We were all laughing at the top of our lungs, and my mother stopped by to drop something off for my older son and she sat and watched with us and laughed hysterically too. Man that movie is wonderful.

Then tonight I was in the mood for something funny with music and put on Joe vs. the Volcano, another movie I love that I have not seen in over a decade. That is my very favorite film of both Tom Hanks' and Meg Ryan's, and people scoff at me so much when I say that, but having just watched it again I can say that it is absolutely still true in both cases. The music is fabulous, the scene with the moon rising and the prayer can make me unaccountably sniffly and nostalgic despite the utter silliness of the plot (the rainbow lights of New York, the Orange Crush-drinking, Hava Nagila-singing Pacific islanders), and Ryan in particular comes across completely charming and unaffected in all three roles; I can't think of another actress who could have pulled off that triple at the time this film was made. And, you know, the theme about how you take your baggage everywhere but sometimes that's what saves you...

Otherwise I still have a sore throat, though I managed to go out to lunch with my very oldest friend, the one who has the Superbowl party every year. We mostly talked about kids, her new dog and our dissatisfaction with the new, unimproved Bush administration. Although she has known me since first grade and we have never been out of contact for more than a couple of months at a time -- and those mostly while we were in college and graduate/medical school when time was short and she spent a year in Israel -- sometimes I wonder how she can possibly have known me for 32 years and still become surprised that I read obsessively and compulsively collect on certain subjects. After going out for Indian food, we walked around to the nearby used bookstore and she was bemused by my drooling over an enormous National Geographic book, The Romance of the Sea, with wonderful illustrations and chapters on the Constitution, the Victory, Magellan's ships, etc. How she failed to notice my reading theme for 2004 (namely: Patrick O'Brian) is beyond me. What was she looking for? Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events, which her eight-year-old got her interested in!

perkypaduan is home and feeling much better (and very happy to be there although it sounds like it's going to be a long recovery and much porn will need to be provided). I am hoping that whatever is in my throat will be gone by the weekend so I can go see her and bring her cookies.

Rosie entertains herself by reading about her lookalike, Garfield.