January 1st, 2005

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Poem for Saturday

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We had a nice, quiet last day of 2004 in uncharacteristic 60 degree temperatures at the Baltimore Zoo, then at home having comfort food for dinner (chicken soup, smoked turkey sausage and cheese and crackers), and then -- by unanimous vote of the other members of my family while I was out of the room, still under the impression that we would be watching either Close Encounters of the Third Kind or Ferris Bueller's Day Off -- we all sat down together and watched The Return of the King extended edition. I was the only one who had seen it straight through, and it seems in retrospect a very suitable way to end the year, as that will remain in many ways the movie of 2004 despite its December 2003 opening and I appreciate the movie much more now than I did last new year's eve. So my kids were awake after eleven, and we figured there was no real harm in letting them stay up to watch the ball drop -- first time we've all done that together. Now I'm drinking a miniscule amount of eggnog with brandy and laughing at the various things considered hip these days by Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve, which is clearly more a nostalgia-fest for people my age; what a pity that Barry Manilow isn't on there singing "It's Just Another New Year's Eve," or maybe he is.

Got wonderful mail today from esteven (yum, we are all enjoying them!), ekliziewicz (haven't installed yet but will send a report when I do) and mrkinch (haven't watched yet but thank you so much), tossed a couple of articles up at TrekToday since I'm the only one in town to do so and my editor has made me very happy by offering to pay me next year to review the entire original series on DVD, talked to a couple of friends (though not my parents who are at the beach with their friends). So am mellower and more content than yesterday -- not having cramps makes a big difference here. The rest of the weekend is likely to be quiet, as older son needs to meet with a friend on Sunday about a lengthy school project and both kids are likely to sleep very late tomorrow. It's supposed to be quite warm again, so I am hoping to get some outdoor time in if they can handle more walking.

No resolutions, they're just exercises in bad self-esteem for me as I never keep any except incidentally (as in, not because they were new year's resolutions but for other reasons). Don't really feel like rehashing last year, which had a lot of very nice moments and a few I never want to live through again even vicariously. So Happy New Year everyone, and hope your 2005 has begun wonderfully!

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