January 8th, 2005

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Poem for Saturday

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Had a wonderful lunch with the lovely and generous juleskicks (happy birthday sweetie!) and her mother lohowarose at a superb Indian buffet in Virginia where we talked travel plans and fandom and food and juleskicks brought me Kate Rusby CDs. Whenever I see these two women, it makes me a little sad that I don't have a daughter. Of course if I had one she might not be as utterly fabulous as juleskicks, and I would not be as wonderful as lohowarose, so this is probably delusional on my part, but it does cross my mind.

And starfishchick sent me the Big Gay Boat Mix! Thank you! *hugs* Oh, I must drive to Baltimore to see the Constellation soon while listening to it! I am having an urge to drive to Boston to see the Constitution, but I think it will be awhile before I get up there again. Being in Philadelphia has put me in a colonial history state of mind. I should drive out to some of the historic cities in eastern Maryland, it's been ages, and I am dying to go see the beach in winter. Every time I think there might be a good reason to move to Virginia, like lower housing costs and some good public school districts, I am reminded that it's a bad bad bad idea...

Otherwise, I wrote three articles, had dinner with my parents, answered a hundred comments (yes literally, or very close to), worked a bit on fic, and *hangs head* got stamps for my last two holiday cards that are going to people I didn't expect cards from and didn't send cards to! Fortunately, neither is on LiveJournal so I can admit this here! Am trying to decide whether I dare sign up for that Friends list swap, if it's not too late for it...I love meeting people but then I feel guilty at the number of people on my list I wish I knew better whose journals I rush past because it's too big already...

Since it's Friday, you get memes instead of photos. In case you are feeling deprived, I know lots of people have linked to it already but I have to share the story of the tortoise who adopted a hippo and the photos that go along with it!

fridayfiver: Holy snow batman!
1. What's your opinion on snow?
Love it, so long as I don't have to shovel large quantities of it.
2. Have you ever built a snowman? Many, many times. Have never decorated one with more than vegetables, sticks and other disposable items, though.
3. Do you do any winter time sports? Before I had children I loved to ice skate; now I'm afraid I watch it more on television, since my kids do not. I sled with them when we have appropriate weather.
4. When's the last time you had a snowball fight? Last winter. We haven't gotten enough snow yet this winter.
5. What's the most snow you've ever gotten in a single storm? I don't remember -- more than three feet, when I was young, and in Chicago we got quite a lot by the lake. That was always so beautiful.

1. What is the first book you remember reading?
I know I read many, many books before it, but the first one I retain conscious memories of the experience of reading is A Wrinkle In Time, which I started in the car driving home from a family trip to New York and refused to put down for lunch at Roy Rogers or anything else. I remember sitting in the rest stop devouring it, vaguely annoyed at all the background noise like my mother telling me to eat.
2. What is your favorite book? One? ONE? Sheesh! The Collected Works of William Shakespeare. Oh, sorry, is that cheating?
3. Who is your favorite author? One? ONE? Sheesh! Whoever is responsible for the King James Bible. Also cheating, hah.
4. Pick up the nearest book (magazine or any available printed material will do). Turn to page 24 (or the closest to it). Go to the 7th line. What is it? "By the time the film came out, however, Poland was undergoing a post-Stalinist thaw." From The 'Jew' In Cinema: From 'The Golem' to 'Don't Touch My Holocaust' by Omer Bartov (Bloomington: IUP, 2005).
5. If you could be any character in literature, who would you be? God in Milton's Paradise Lost...nah, not enough passion. I know...Donald Shimoda in Richard Bach's Illusions.