January 13th, 2005

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Rediscovered this poem while hunting up Byron quotes for krabapple and "What Deep Wounds Ever Closed Without a Scar," which has revived my long-dormant Byron passion (I go through phases with all the big-name Romantic poets...sometimes Shelley is my favorite, sometimes Wordsworth, sometimes Keats...rarely Coleridge but I like to read him when I've been indulging in Wordsworth).

Orthodontist said son's teeth look great, so much so that he could take the braces off and give him a retainer for the next several months until the permanent incisors are fully in, but we agreed that it might be easiest simply to leave the brackets rather than worrying about him losing a retainer or sneaking gummies. The appointment was so early today that I had to take him out of school before lunch (the third grade is the last lunch group, they don't eat till nearly one) so we went out for Japanese food together afterward and had a nice conversation about ways kids can help tsunami victims.

This evening we all watched The West Wing together. I am so insanely in love with Matt Santos...I am wondering whether Josh is also insanely in love with Matt Santos and only just realizing that because Matt Santos is an insane choice as a viable candidate, which is why I am insanely in love with him. Absolutely can't stand what they're doing to Donna but don't really care at the moment, as I'm not terribly focused on her; Allison Janney was entitled to a week off, adore the Bartlet family politics, liked Toby's nudging Josh, am not in the least sorry that Will is there to run the VP's campaign because if they tried to write any of the other regular characters that way, I'd throw up.

Anyone in the DC area, want to meet up with me to meet Bernard Cornwell on Wednesday, February 2nd at Borders in Bailey's Crossroads? He's reading and signing at 7:30 PM (promoting The Last Kingdom which isn't out till January 25th, but I'm sure he'll sign Sharpe books too). office_ennui, perkypaduan, if you want a ride around the Beltway, just let me know!

So is there a way to input data from a videotape (a commercial VHS tape, not DVC) so it can be burned to a DVD? (Will send backup copies of Kiss of the Spider Woman, Caravaggio and The Competition to anyone who makes this possible!)

I am behind on comments etc. again because Lupin decided that I should write a sequel to "Compellation" -- I think he just wanted to hear Snape talk dirty to him some more but they are insisting on being somewhat serious before the smut. You'd think I could write consequence-free porn in this fandom, but no they're insisting on falling in love or something but don't tell Snape I called it that. Tomorrow is the day I have to get up very early because apaulled always has an early meeting Thursday, so I shall finish up then...

Younger son's drawing of our family as a totem pole for a school assignment. As you can see, I am on the bottom in clashing colors but apparently I am carved of red cedar because it doesn't rot! Also note that older son and I are both wearing glasses, and younger son is wearing his green sweatshirt with the hood.