January 16th, 2005

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Poem for Sunday

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Star Trek: Voyager premiered ten years ago tonight. Within a couple of days of that event, I was posting Voyager fic on alt.sex.fetish.startrek (later alt.startrek.creative.erotica), where I met some of my longest-lasting and best friends in fandom. I feel like I am celebrating a tenth anniversary with beckyo, with whom I started corresponding very shortly after January 16th, 1995 and forged an unholy alliance which continues to this day...but I also think of jenwrites, windsweptaway, mamadracula, ariestess, telesilla, cara_chapel, xochiquetzl, totallykate, sistermarysith and many other people reading this journal now whom I have known since long before LiveJournal existed. In fact, I met divineway, who gave me my LiveJournal code, through maquismom, whom we both knew from Voyager fandom. (ETA: And rocky_t and shayenne and...oh crap I am certain to leave someone out. My point being that there are lots of people I adore whom I could name but the Golden Globes orchestra would play me offstage.)

Given the recent outage, I need to take a moment to be thankful that this site is here, because I'm sure my contact with these people and many others would be much more sporadic if it wasn't, and I am very grateful. I have updated my User Info here to include my other journal accounts so that people can find me in case of another catastrophic LiveJournal outage. It seems like most people gravitated to GreatestJournal today; is that because JournalFen was not permitting new accounts and Blurty was slow, or is there something specific about GreatestJournal that people like, besides lots of userpics which is why I signed up for one all those years ago? I've created a backup for theloveboat there as well, but have not updated it at all. Anyway, I hope that hp_roundrobin continues, violet_quill!

In the morning before I was really awake, my mother called to tell me that my father was in the hospital -- he had been in pain when we were at their house for dinner and it turned out he had a kidney stone that had become excruciating overnight. Since he has heart and blood pressure issues, they kept him there from midnight last night until after noon today for tests, so we stayed in the house and fretted and waited to hear from them since we couldn't call them on the cell phone.

Meanwhile, remember I said that my new camera had arrived with a cracked battery charger, that I had to send back (at my own expense) to get a replacement? Well, the new one is completely missing the plastic flip cover for the battery compartment -- ANOTHER one I have to send back. I am asking them not to bother replacing it as I want to buy one locally where I can see it, and I refuse to pay for shipping -- they can send me a preprinted UPS label, or I am telling my credit card company that I refuse the charges for repeated shipment of rejected merchandise and they can fight it out with Abe's of Maine! Grr!

Am very excited by the Titan pics; somewhat excited by the forecast of snow overnight though they say accumulation will be negligible; and absurdly excited to have just watched Die Hard with my kids, who absolutely loved it, and it really seems not to have dated despite being almost 20 years old. Who but Alan Rickman could pull off the line, "I am not a common thief, I am an exceptional thief, and since I'm moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite!"? I even really liked Bruce Willis, which has never happened to me before.

Oh, and speaking of movies, I have to quote this portion of The Washington Post review of In Good Company by Ann Hornaday: "The relationship between Dan and Carter, played by Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace respectively, is the real romance at the center of "In Good Company"...sure, Carter meets and falls in love with Dan's college-aged daughter Alex and complications ensue, but it's Dan and Carter's relationship around which the real action of this dramatic comedy revolves." WHOO! perkypaduan, we are going to see this one!

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